As Illinois families continue to face the challenge of how to pay the rapidly growing costs of nearly everything they need, Senate Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) and Senate Republican Caucus Whip Jil Tracy (R-Quincy) have filed new legislation to provide additional financial support for […]
As part of their efforts to empower parents, Senate Republicans are promoting two bills they filed to protect kids and empower parents. Senate Bill 2590 would create the Adult Content Age Verification Act, requiring pornography websites to verify a person’s age before allowing them to view […]
To encourage daily reading by Americans young and old, March has been designated National Reading Month. March was selected as National Reading Month to honor the birthday of Dr. Seuss, one of the nation’s most celebrated authors of children’s stories. According to experts, reading comprehension is […]
During National Consumer Protection Week, the Illinois Attorney General’s office released a list of some of the most common scams that plagued Illinois residents in 2023. Construction/ home improvement repairs, identity theft, and consumer debt were the top three categories of scams that Illinois residents faced […]
In response to growing efforts from activists to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections, new legislation aims to eliminate perceived vagueness in the state constitution that activists have capitalized on to push voting for non-citizens. While state and federal law clearly require U.S. citizenship to […]
Even after someone has passed away, governments may still be charging them interest and penalties on property taxes, creating significant financial issues for their heirs. New legislation aims to provide relief, ensuring grieving families aren’t on the hook for penalties incurred after their loved one has […]
The month of March is designated to acknowledge and commemorate the many great achievements made by women. This month-long celebration is also used to inspire and encourage the next generation of female history makers. In 1982, Congress requested that President Ronald Reagan declare Women’s History Week […]
Twenty-five students from the Prairie School of DuPage got a hands-on lesson in law-making recently, as they helped to pass legislation through a Senate committee. Senate Bill 3514, filed by State Senator Seth Lewis (R-Bartlett), designates the Calvatia Gigantea as the official state mushroom. Elementary student […]
This week, Illinois Senate Republicans stood up against the unfair process of gerrymandering by unanimously voting against legislation to enact a gerrymandered Chicago School Board map favored by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and his special interest allies. Senate Republican members heard from concerned parents and Chicago […]
Governor JB Pritzker’s non-citizen welfare policies have exhausted state resources and helped create the largest migrant crisis in the Midwest. The Governor’s financial gimmicks and loopholes make it impossible to know exactly how many taxpayer dollars he has used to fund his invited migrant crisis. This […]