Springfield, IL – State Senator Dale Fowler (R-Harrisburg) has passed a bill with the hopes to keep renewable energy components like wind turbines and solar panels out of landfills.

“With Illinois turning to wind and solar as a main source of energy, we need to find a way to properly dispose of these items safely to help keep our earth safe,” said Senator Fowler. “Unlike TVs and computers, solar panels are not banned in our landfills, and we need to look at ways on how to safely recycle dense materials from these sources.”

Senate Bill 1160 would require the Renewable Energy Component Recycling Task Force to consider the benefits of prohibiting a person from mixing renewable energy components with municipal waste. The task force, which was created by P.A 102-1025 in May 2022, is to conduct a report alongside the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency due in 2025.

“Nearly five percent of renewable energy products are damaged either in transport or installation of the product,” said Senator Fowler. “And with the life expectancy of renewable sources ranging from 25-30 years, now is the perfect opportunity for a renewable recycling business to invest and set up shop in Illinois.”

The bipartisan measure passed unanimously in the Senate and now heads to the House for full consideration.

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