This week, the Senate passed Senate Bill 76, which would end the moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power facilities. Proposed by Senator Sue Rezin, this bill would remove the language that prevents construction of any new nuclear power plant within the state. The bill passed with a bipartisan vote of 39-13 and will now move to the House of Representatives for further action.
Senate Bill 76 provides public utility and energy companies the option to invest in new nuclear power construction projects, without requiring them. This opportunity allows Illinois to compete with other states on the field of nuclear energy. Illinois is one of only 12 states that still has a moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power. Meanwhile, neighboring states have moved forward on production of their own facilities.
Building additional nuclear power plants would both improve Illinois’ energy grid and provide a wealth of jobs for the communities that build them. It is critical for Illinois to be able to explore all energy options especially as warnings begin to be issued about the possibility for future energy brownouts and blackouts.

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