SPRINGFIELD – Local drainage district and road district officials will be allowed to act more expeditiously to address emergency situations caused by “nuisance” muskrats and beavers in and around communities, under legislation sponsored by State Sen. Jil Tracy (R-Quincy).
Senate Bill 1745 amends the Wildlife Code to exempt drainage districts and road districts from the requirement to obtain a state permit to control nuisance muskrats or beavers. All applicable provisions for licenses must be met, and proper trap types and sizes must be used.
“Nuisance muskrats and beavers are typically found in the wild but for many reasons they become destructive or menacing. These animals may be damaging property such as buildings, crops, gardens, public parks, or hurting pets and livestock,” Tracy said. “We are helping local officials address these situations by allowing them to act more quickly to address situations involving nuisance muskrats and beavers.”
Tracy said Senate Bill 1745 allows local officials to forgo the permit process, abate the situation resulting from the nuisance muskrats and beavers, and then submit a report of action taken to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
Approved by a 55-0 vote of the Senate on March 30, Senate Bill 1745 now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

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