Calls on Legislature to Heed the Will of Voters Who Already Rejected the Tax

Springfield, IL– Today, Illinois Senate Republican Leader John Curran (R-Downers Grove) introduced Senate Resolution 27 that calls on the Illinois Senate to protect the will of Illinois voters and reject any progressive income tax measure that is introduced in the 103rd General Assembly.

“The people have spoken, and they could not have been more clear that they do not want a progressive income tax,” Curran said. “The tax failed in the collar counties that I represent, and was crushed downstate where our caucus has the largest geographic representation. It is time to move in a new direction. We are standing behind the people of this state who resoundingly said no, and standing up for families who cannot afford to be overtaxed.”

In 2020, the “Fair Tax” Amendment fell more than 360,000 votes short of a simple majority and more than 760,000 votes short of a three-fifths majority of those voting on the question.

The 3,059,411 “No” votes cast against the proposed constitutional amendment were a majority (53.3%) of the votes cast on the question and were also a majority (50.2%) of the total votes cast in the November 2020 election as a whole.

“Bringing a renewed attempt for a progressive income tax back into the conversation while so many Illinois families are struggling to buy basic groceries is completely out of touch,” said Rezin. “It is time to utilize the increased revenue Illinois is already receiving to provide tax relief, not tax increases. I am proud to sign onto this resolution to help fight against increasing taxes on Illinois families and businesses.”

The Governor’s Office has been sharing news of record growth and financial success. The General Funds base receipts are up $2.034 billion year-over-year, including the one-time federal ARPA reimbursements received earlier in the year. Illinois also has the second-highest effective tax rate and the highest corporate tax rate in the entire nation.

“Nearly every county in the state voted against the amendment,” Anderson said. “This is just another example of the Majority Party saying ‘we know best’ and completely ignoring the will of the people. I am proud to join this resolution to defend their voice.”

Today, Senate Resolution 27 was read into the official Senate record. It now awaits to be assigned to a Senate committee.

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