State Senator Dale Fowler hosted over 90 students from 19 high schools Monday on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale as a part of his annual Student Advisory Council.

“This is a great educational opportunity for students to get involved in the legislative process,” said Senator Fowler. “State government impacts our everyday lives and it’s important students understand the process and how bills become law.”

The day featured three renowned speakers who hold community roles in the 59th Senate District. Speakers at the student advisory were SIU Chancellor Austin Lane, SIU Dean and Law Professor Camille Davidson and Metropolis Alderman and SIU Dawg Pound President Dylan Chambers.

After hearing from the guest speakers, students were brought together to debate Senate Bill 2170 – a bill that aims to amend the Fireworks Regulation Act and the Pyrotechnic Use Act.

“This bill created a lot of buzz and discussion in our chamber, and it’s a bill I felt students could relate to and have a thorough, strong debate on,” said Senator Fowler. “The debates were indeed strong, which also gives students a feel for what committee meetings and floor debate are like at the state level.”

After debate, students were able to ask questions about all aspects and parities related to the bill.

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