Illinois Senate Republicans’ plan to improve public safety

The people of Illinois are watching as a historic crime wave continues to wash over the state. Instead of holding violent criminals accountable for their crimes, many criminals have instead become emboldened by outdated and soft laws that have created a “catch and release” system that keeps criminals out on the streets. People are rightfully scared and demanding action.

Senate Republicans have put together a robust package of legislative remedies to specifically target weak points in our criminal justice system, empower police and states’ attorneys to be able to get violent criminals off of the street, and to make our communities safe again.

SB 4152: Protecting our police officers

Requires a defendant who commits aggravated battery against a police officer or who brings a weapon or
contraband into a penal institution to serve at least 85 percent of their sentenc

SB 4153: Holding Violent Offenders Accountable

10-and-life for violent firearms offenses. Provides that first time convictions for several violent offenses carry a
mandatory 10-year sentence, second time offenses carry life sentences.

SB 4155 & 4156: Fund the Police

Provides grants ($125 million/year) to local governments for the hiring, rehiring, and retention of law enforcement
officers; funding body camera mandates, including data storage costs and personnel; funding for mandated
training; assisting with outreach and community policing; assisting with mental health treatment of individuals
in county jails; and purchasing law enforcement equipment to keep officers and communities safe. Grants to be
administered by ILETSB

SB 4154: Strengthening our gun laws

Sets a mandatory minimum penalty for gun-trafficking/straw-purchase offenses. Imposes a 10-year minimum
sentence on those who sell or give firearms to convicted felons

SB 4157: Getting tough on carjackings

Restores the automatic transfer of aggravated vehicular hijacking and armed robbery by a juvenile with a firearm to
an adult court. Prevents “catch and release” of juvenile carjackers by requiring a shelter care hearing to determine if
it is safe to release the juvenile or if the state needs to continue holding them until the adjudicatory hearing.

SB 4158: Remedying the Democrats’ failed attempt at bail “reform”

Repeal the changes to the Bail Reform Act contained in PA 101-652