Illinois Senate Republicans’ plan for education reform

Our state’s education system is charged with nothing short of preparing the next generation to be successful in an increasingly competitive global economy. The children of Illinois have seen their options for better educational opportunities threatened while state government drowns their schools with costly mandates and restrictions.

The Senate Republican caucus has developed a comprehensive plan to protect educational opportunities through the Invest in Kids Act, give families and school boards a say in whether or not to discharge costly unfunded mandates, bring more voices to the table at the state school board, establish curriculum transparency for parents, and creating a path forward for schools to pursue better ways to educate students.

SB 4180: Elected Board Members for ISBE

This legislation creates five new positions on the Illinois State Board of Elections by creating one board member per judicial district in Illinois. These new members of the State Board of Education would be elected members, offering some accountability to the school districts that resided in the judicial district they were elected to represent.

SB 4179: School Curriculum Transparency

Requires school districts to publicly post on the district’s website, at least twice per year, all of the learning materials and activities used for student instruction, as well as the policies and procedures for review and approval of the materials and activities.

SB 4181: Removing the Expiration Date on Invest in Kids

Ensures the invest in kids program, which provides scholarships to help low-income students in struggling school districts, doesn’t end by eliminating the expiration date on the current statute.

SB 4182: Updating the Invest in Kids Program

Updates the Invest in Kids Program’s tax credit language to better align with existing federal tax credits, allowing donors to maximize existing federal tax benefits while channeling more private funds into scholarships for under-privileged children.