The legal battle over a controversial new election law, recently found unconstitutional by a Sangamon County judge, intensified this week as legislative allies of Governor JB Pritzker petitioned the Illinois Supreme Court to review and reverse the ruling.

Senate Bill 2412, signed into law by Governor Pritzker in May, introduced significant changes to an election process already underway. One of the law’s most contentious provisions aimed to halt the process of slating candidates to fill ballot vacancies—a process already in progress statewide.

The legislation drew swift and widespread criticism from good government groups and numerous newspaper editorial boards, who viewed it as a blatant power move by Illinois Democrats designed to safeguard incumbents and limit voter choices.

In response to the controversy, candidates affected in the 2024 election cycle challenged the law, leading to a ruling in early June by a Sangamon County judge declaring the law unconstitutional for the 2024 election.

Following this decision, Democrats are now seeking to overturn the ruling, appealing to the Illinois Supreme Court where Democrats hold a 5-2 majority.

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