In response to the growing number of dangerous incidents involving suspects fleeing from police and endangering motorists, Senate Republican lawmakers gathered with local law enforcement representatives to unveil new legislation designed to hold suspects accountable in these situations. 

Senate Bill 1807, proposed by Senate Republican Leader John Curran, targets individuals who evade law enforcement. It proposes stricter penalties for those who flee and elude authorities. Currently, fleeing and eluding are only Class A misdemeanors. 

Under Senator Curran’s proposal, fleeing and eluding would now be classified as a Class 4 Felony, making it clear that offenders would be held accountable for their actions.

Republican lawmakers also discussed pending legislation that would change the presumption on domestic violence cases with bodily injury to a presumption to detain, sending an unequivocal message that the State of Illinois will hold violent domestic abusers accountable and prevent victims, primarily women and children, from retaliation and further harm.

Lawmakers hope the proposed legislation will receive fair consideration before the General Assembly’s adjournment, which is currently scheduled for May 24th. 

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