State Senator Erica Harriss (56th-Glen Carbon) has passed bipartisan legislation to increase transparency for local units of government proposing changes to their tax levy.

“I came to Springfield with taxes at the forefront of my mind,” said Senator Harriss. “This bill is about increasing transparency by making these notices easier to locate for residents on government websites.”

Under the existing Truth in Taxation law, taxing bodies are required to publicly disclose their intention to raise their tax levy by more than 5%.

Senate Bill 3567 would amend the Truth in Taxation law in the Property Tax Code requiring Truth in Taxation notices be placed on or near the top of the taxing districts website for at least 30 days to maximize visibility, in addition to existing law that requires publishing notices in local newspapers.

“Our taxing districts have an obligation to be open and transparent to the people we serve,” said Senator Harriss. “This bill specifically tightens up some language in the current law to provide stricter guidance for units of local government wanting to seek changes to their property taxes.”

Senate Bill 3567 now heads to the House, where Representative Amy Elik will carry the legislation.

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