While many communities rely on pesticides to manage weeds and insects, residents often find themselves in the dark about when and how these chemicals are applied. The Illinois Senate is working to bring transparency to the process by passing legislation mandating notification procedures for pesticide application. 

The legislation was created at the request of a constituent in Senator McClure’s district, who discovered that pesticides were being applied near his home without warning or notification, and he was unable to find out who was spraying the chemicals and what the chemicals were. Particularly disturbing to the constituent was that he witnessed overspray hitting children playing, swimming pools, and the exterior of homes. 

Senate Bill 3342 passed the Senate and now awaits action in the Illinois House. 

Senate Bill 3342, filed by Senator Steve McClure, requires that an applicator provide public notice before pesticides are applied on a public right-of-way inside the borders of a municipality, to all residents within 200 feet of that right-of-way. The public notice would also include contact information for the applicators. 

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