Migrant shelters in the city of Chicago are experiencing a sudden outbreak of the contagious childhood disease measles, raising concerns about what this means for the health and safety of the entire state. 

Until recently, Illinois citizens had largely been unaffected by the potentially deadly disease due to advancements in immunization practices. However, the Illinois Department of Public Health has recently reported over 50 confirmed cases of measles in the Chicagoland area, with most being connected to Pilsen migrant shelter. 

Additionally, the Chicago Department of Public Health also confirmed on April 4 a small number of tuberculosis cases have been detected at migrant city shelters in the city.

While tuberculosis can be treated by antibiotics, measles cannot, with most cases affecting children younger than the age of four.  The outbreak at the Pilsen migrant center began with eight cases in early March, including five children and has slowly spread to several suburbs. 

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