A controversial new state law requiring that challenges to state laws and actions can only be filed in Cook or Sangamon counties has come under new scrutiny. Now, the Illinois Supreme Court is being asked to consider whether it is constitutional.

House Bill 3062, passed last June, states that Cook and Sangamon counties are the only places in the state where challenges to a state law’s constitutionality can be submitted.

Recently, Piasa Armory LLC, a gun store in Madison County, challenged the constitutionality of the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act. In March, the state sought to transfer the case to Sangamon or Cook County. However, a Madison County Circuit Court Judge ruled HB 3062 unconstitutional due to severe inconvenience to the plaintiff.

The Attorney General’s office filed an appeal to this ruling directly to the state Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has not yet issued a schedule for hearing the case.

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