Illinois is updating the requirements for assisted living facilities, to help individuals who require sliding scale insulin treatments. This is due to legislation filed by State Senator Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City) that was recently signed into law on Friday.

“This change needed to be made to help make a real difference in terms of access to care for some individuals,” said Bennett. “I hope this helps those who reside in an assisted living facility, gain access to those facilities.”

Before this new law, people were not allowed to be accepted for residency in an assisted living facility if that person requires sliding scale insulin treatment, unless those treatments can be self-performed or administered by a licensed health care professional. This has been a particular issue because many individuals are unable to self-administer the treatments. Due to the second requirement, those patients are required to find private duty licensed healthcare professionals, even if the assisted living facilities have nurses on staff that can administer the treatments. If they can’t find or afford the private duty professional, they are not allowed to live in an assisted living facility.

This new law, sponsored by Senator Bennett, House Bill 3172, removes that requirement, allowing individuals who require sliding scale insulin treatments to be accepted into assisted living facilities.

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