As the 60-day deadline approaches for some of the Legislature’s passed bills, the Governor officially signed over 130 bills into law on July 28. Several of those bills were sponsored by Senate Republicans. Here are some notable ones:

House Bill 3203 – Expands the availability of fentanyl test strips, allowing them to be sold over-the-counter and enables county health departments to provide them for free.

Senate Bill 1072 – Officially recognizes the Honor and Remember Flag as the State symbol of concern for and commitment to honoring and remembering the lives of all members of the United States armed forces who have lost their lives while serving or as a result of service and their families.

Senate Bill 1875 – Allows out-of-state residents to apply for police officer positions at Illinois universities. Previously, non-Illinois residents could only apply if all Illinois applicants were deemed unqualified.

House Bill 2245 – Establishes a 24-hour, every day of the week vehicle theft hotline in Cook County to facilitate the location of a stolen vehicle and provide police with more information in the case of those cars being used to commit additional crimes.

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