A new law on the books aims to keep kids safer by reducing the chance of them being struck by a vehicle while getting on a school bus. The legislation, co-sponsored byState Senator Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City), requires that on a route where a child must cross the road, the school bus must be equipped with an extended stop arm with flashing red lights that partially obstruct the roadway.

“It’s important that we make sure that we create the safest environment possible for children who are making their way to and from school,” said Senator Bennett. “It can be especially dangerous for children who must cross lanes of traffic to climb aboard. This new law is designed to alert motorists of the stopped school bus so that students can safely make their way on and off the bus.”

Effective immediately, school buses must meet this new requirement. The new law also allows schools to operate buses with up to two extended arm stops to provide additional safety.

Senate Bill 2340 was signed into law on July 28th.  

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