On July 1, the Illinois State Police (ISP) officially launched the Crime in Illinois Online website. Part of the Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting Program, this website makes it possible for the public to view yearly crime statistics. Previous years’ reports are hosted in the archives, but up-to-date information is viewable by each category rather than the entire report.

This program serves as the state repository for the collection of crime statistics, and with increasing need for transparency, Illinois has transitioned over the last two-and-a-half years from a more traditional system to the new, more robust National data system, according to ISP. Participation in reporting is mandated by Illinois law.

On the website, the public can find data on crime rates per county and the type of offenses and their trends. All reports can be downloaded and the website itself is interactive with a variety of information. This website will be continuously updated as that data is submitted by various agencies.

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