The Majority Party and the Governor failed to permanently eliminate or even extend the state’s sales tax on groceries this legislative session. That means that beginning July 1, Illinoisans will again be paying more when they check out at the supermarket.
The short-term suspension of the one percent sales tax took effect last summer as part of a series of temporary relief measures ahead of a major election. Senate Republicans advocated for permanent relief for the residents of Illinois but instead were only provided election-year gimmicks.
July’s tax increase comes despite Senate Republican attempts again this year to provide long-term relief in Senate Bill 1150, which would have made Illinois the 38th state to permanently do away with the state grocery tax. It would have also exempted prescription drugs and other medical devices from state sales tax.
Senate Republicans say they are disappointed by the lack of action this spring session as families are still hurting from the effects of high inflation.

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