While some wheat producers across the U.S. have been feeling the effects of hot weather, the Illinois Wheat Association’s recent crop tour showed that Illinois wheat yields are breaking records. Accordingly, the average wheat yields were estimated by the Illinois Wheat Association at approximately 97 bushels per acre, significantly higher than Illinois’ 79 bushels per acre recorded from last year.
This increased return on wheat comes at an advantageous time, as a combined one million additional acres of wheat have been planted throughout the Midwest. Brought on by the disruption of global grain shipments due to the Ukraine invasion, the U.S. Department of Agriculture expanded insurance coverage for farmers raising two crops on the same land to attempt to boost production. As such, the number of total acres planted are up 41 percent from last year.
This jump might leave Illinois moving from the sixth ranking wheat producer in the U.S. to the fourth. Currently, if predictions remain on track, Illinois stands to have the largest wheat crop since 2008.

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