As the Fiscal Year 2024 budget is finalized, State Senator Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport) is pushing for the Invest In Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program to become permanent in Illinois.
“Invest in Kids provides funds that allow lower-income students in underperforming schools to improve their chances for academic success by moving to a different school,” said Chesney. “Since scholarships began being distributed in 2018, nearly every legislator has heard numerous success stories about how the program changed the life of a child for the better.”

Since its inception, the program has raised over $227 million in funds that have been used to distribute over 30,000 scholarships. But without legislative intervention, the program will sunset at the end of the year.
“This program provides a lifeline to families whose kids are struggling in underperforming schools,” continued Chesney. “By offering tuition scholarships that allow students to be moved to a better learning environment, families are able to offer an education they otherwise could not afford. Invest in Kids has had an enormous positive impact on low-income and working class families across our state and it’s time to make the program permanent.”
Invest in Kids offers a 75% income tax credit to individuals and businesses that contribute to a prescribed list of scholarship-granting organizations, and those organizations provide scholarships to families that meet income requirements. Kids can then attend a qualified, non-public school or technical academy.
“I have been a vocal supporter of this program since it was initiated, and I remain fully committed to ensuring its longevity in Illinois,” Chesney said. “Democrats that are beholden to public education union bosses are being pressured to end the program, but the success of Invest in Kids cannot be denied. Every legislator who truly wants every child to succeed should be fighting to keep Invest in Kids in place.”

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