Ahead of the March 31 deadline to get substantive bills through a third reading, several Senate Republican members have successfully moved their bills over to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Senate Bill 1360 (Sen. Fowler): Creates a program where the Illinois Department of Agriculture would establish and operate projects and strategies that focus on the distribution of fresh and nutritious food while providing education in food preparation and nutrition in food deserts.

Senate Bill 1534 (Sen. Bennett): Requires that if a veteran with a surviving spouse dies while an application for a veteran’s homestead exemption is being reviewed, the review of that application will continue, and any subsequent approval granted to the veteran will carry over to the surviving spouse as long as the spouse meets the specified requirements.

Senate Bill 1485 (Sen. Lewis): Provides that if a park district board’s membership has been expanded or reduced by referendum or resolution, the additional members will be elected not earlier than 197 days after the referendum or resolution to ensure that candidates that have filed petitions for office are not impacted by the new terms.

Senate Bill 1065 (Sen. Rose): Allows for the transfer of land, previously used for an old National Guard Armory no longer in use, to the City of Lawrenceville, which will allow the city to protect and honor this 1939 landmark.

Senate Bill 2356 (Sen. McClure): Provides for the property tax assessment process of wastewater facilities to be the same as regular water facilities.

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