Springfield, IL… Senate Republican members of the Senate Executive Appointments Committee, State Senators Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) and Steve McClure (R-Springfield), issued the following statement regarding the recent appointment of Donald Shelton as the Chair of the Prisoner Review Board, replacing Edith Crigler:
“We are optimistic about the recent change in Chairmanship of the Prisoner Review Board and hope this is one of many positive changes to come to this controversial body. We are hopeful this new appointment signals a new day for the PRB, where transparency, victim notification and input, and community safety are once again made top priorities.
“Over the last several years, Governor Pritzker has transformed the Prisoner Review Board to fit his weak-on-crime agenda and has allowed several of his appointees to go unvetted and unconfirmed for multiple years. Fortunately, through persistent pressure by Senate Republicans, changes have started to take place following the bipartisan movement in the Senate to deny several controversial Pritzker appointees.
“While there is still a long way to go to reform this vital agency, we are encouraged by the recent change and will continue to advocate for a Prisoner Review Board that is just, transparent, puts the victims and their families first, and above all, protects Illinois families and communities.”

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