Though thousands of bills have been filed this year in the Illinois General Assembly, only some actually get a hearing and make it through the committee process. This week, Senate committees had a busy week approving substantive bills, many of which are filed and sponsored by Senate Republican members, including:
Senate Bill 1468 (Senator Tom Bennett): Seeks to address the teacher shortage by allowing teachers who are receiving retirement benefits to accept employment as teachers for up to 150 days or 750 hours per school year through 2025, and a maximum of 100 days or 500 hours in 2026 and thereafter. An amendment will be filed to change it from 150 days to 120 days through 2025.
Senate Bill 1470 (Senator Tom Bennett): Allows schools to use remote learning days instead of emergency days, for a maximum of five days per school year to help schools maintain schedules.
Senate Bill 1360 (Senator Dale Fowler): Seeks to address rural food deserts by creating a program where the Illinois Department of Agriculture would establish and operate projects and strategies that focus on the distribution of fresh and nutritious food while providing education in food preparation and nutrition.
Senate Bill 2005 (Senator Craig Wilcox): Addresses veterans’ homelessness by requiring housing authorities to develop and implement policies granting housing preferences to homeless veterans.
Senate Bill 2044 (Senator Sally Turner): Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to develop a mandatory continued medical education course that surrounds protocols and best practices for identifying, diagnosing, and treating tickborne diseases in Illinois.

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