The spring legislative process is in full swing as committee action picked up this week in the Senate. Legislators presented a wide variety of bills to their respective substantive committees.

Before legislation can make its way to the Senate Floor for a vote, it must first be vetted through the committee process. Bills that receive a successful number of votes in committee then move on for consideration of the full Senate.

Several Republican measures made their way out of committee this week including,

Senate Bill 1356 (Senator Tom Bennett): Requires the Illinois Board of Higher Education to annually compile a list of the most in-demand jobs in Illinois, along with the starting and median salaries for those occupations, and the education levels required to enter those fields.

Senate Bill 1595 (Senator Jason Plummer): Allows families of veterans who have been honorably discharged to receive a free certified death certificate.

Senate Bill 1534 (Senator Tom Bennett): Requires that if a veteran with a surviving spouse dies while an application for a veteran’s homestead exemption is being reviewed, the review of that application will continue, and any subsequent approval granted to the veteran will carry over to the surviving spouse as long as the spouse meets the specified requirements.

Senate Bill 1485 (Senator Seth Lewis): Provides that if a park district board’s membership has been expanded or reduced by referendum or resolution, the additional members will be elected not earlier than 197 days after the referendum or resolution to ensure that candidates that have filed petitions for office are not impacted by the new terms.

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