As Illinoisans continue to struggle with high utility bills, Ameren Illinois filed plans this week for both electric and gas rate increases with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). This is in addition to the electric rate increase that took effect in June 2021, where the average customer saw a $52 per month increase in the power supply portion of their bill. This winter, Ameren has already projected a more than 25 percent increase in energy costs for customers.

The company is citing a supply and demand challenge, especially in downstate areas, as the reason for the increase. Contributing factors, they say, are COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, and the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act’s (CEJA) push to shut down coal-powered facilities.

At this moment, Ameren has requested a $160.4 million gas rate hike over a year, and a $435.6 million electric rate increase over four years. This request will next undergo an 11-month review by the ICC, which includes public comment prior to their December decision.

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